NEW FOR 2020

  • All enduro models have reduced friction in the suspension linkage and improved build quality to increase servicing.

  • Two stroke 250/300 model air intake funnel is adjusted to improve low and mid-range power and suit extreme riding better.

  • 250/300 2T engines 15mm shorter intake pipe from carb to cylinder to improve low speed response. It is now also one part instead of two saving weight.

  • 250/300 models have a modified reed valve to improve sealing, increase air flow and performance. New construction is plastic charged with fibreglass/carbon/viton.

  • Following on from that the central engine casting is modified to increase flow and boost mid-range plus widen the powerband.

  • Lighter clutch hub on 250/300 2T engines to reduce inertia and lever weight for extreme riding.

  • Reduced size master cylinder piston and clutch cylinder piston also reduce lever effort.

  • Clutch lubrication flow is increased.

  • 250/300 models have easier access fuel tap and now 1.5litres when you switch to reserve.

  • Blue frame protectors on the Factory models.

  • Factory and XC models run the 48mm KYB forks and a new 50mm KYB shock to increase stability at high speeds and improve bump absorption.

  • New drilled front final drive sprocket/gear.

  • The SC models are basically the Factory model without lights or a racing wiring harness and with stiffer suspension settings.

  • Factory and XC models get an AFAM steel rear sprocket.

  • All Racing models get a 150g lighter plastic muffler end cap.

  • 250/300 four stroke bikes have a lighter starter system sprocket assembly to improve starting – improves performance for dead engine race starts. 

  • 250/300 4T improved gear selector for a claimed 60% improved accuracy. 

  • Bigger 450/500 4T engines are 600g lighter thanks to lighter crank, clutch disc material, clutch hub, primary transmission, balancing shaft, freewheel sprocket, oil pump sprockets.

  • 450 4T has a new cam chain for reduced friction and noise to meet Euro4 engien noise regulations.

  • The 125 two-stroke has an adjustable height power valve giving more options for settings.

  • New piston profile on the 125 2T to improve the wear uniformity and stability.

  • New engine map on the 125 for improved high-speed performance.




125 2T RACING $11,490                                                          250 2T FACTORY $14,290

250 2T RACING $12,290                                                         300 2T FACTORY $14,690

300 2T RACING $12,590                                                        250 4T FACTORY $14,890

300 4T RACING $13,590                                                        300 4T FACTORY $15,390

450 4T RACING $13,990                                                        450 4T FACTORY $15,990

500 4T RACING $14,190                                                        500 4T FACTORY $16,390


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