DL 25324

Unit 1/10 Uppill Place, Wangara WA 6065          

Phone: 08 9409 3332                    

Email: sales@motorcyclestudio.com.au          

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OSET is the World Leader in the design and manufacture of electric trials and motocross motorcycles. The range of OSET bikes is ever expanding, with ten bikes currently available - catering to riders from 2yrs up to the Biggest Kids; Mum's Dad's Gran's & Gramps! OSET's are proven in competitions, taking multiple National level victories against petrol powered machines. OSET's are now recognised globally as the best learner bikes for children. Remember - OSET's are electric and SILENT, so the riders can learn in the back yard after school every day!




                                 OSET PRICE LIST:

                                                             12.5" Eco TRIAL $2,450 *   2-5 yrs old                 

                                                             16.0" Eco TRIAL $2,999 *   4-7 yrs old          

                                                             20.0" Eco TRIAL $3,999*    8-16 yrs old

                                                             24.0" Junior TRIAL $6,199* 12+yrs